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“ t h e   R e d   n O s e   L a d y “


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“WAKE UP” . . . stop snoring!











        wake up!  


                your inner wisdom

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         purpose & passion


A L L   W E   D O   N O  W   I S   D O N E   I N   A   S A C R E D   W A Y

feminine is rising








If not, your playing small does not serve you or the world.

There is nothing enlightening about shrinking to keep others from feeling insecure around you. 

By embracing your gifts, you encourage others to do the same.

Through establishing a safe environment, Kelly will help you learn to trust yourself and build courage to take risks.  Kelly engages audience participation with unrestrained laughter, while sharing hilarious visuals and stories that will leave you rolling in your seats as you learn to embrace your power.  Together, we will Wake Up our inner wisdom as we gather the LightMakers to bring light to the world.

Do you feel Gifted? Worthy? Qualified to save the world? 

"The topic and content was fabulous! You were extremely engaging, relevant, timely, and

most importantly brilliant,"
Kris Junkins, VP Networking Central Iowa ASTD Chapter

"Kelly provided a mix of hilarious anecdotes, meaningful thoughts on coping with everyday

trials, and sound direction on succeeding in the sometime crazy world we live in.

Laughter, reflection, and advice is her strength." 
Christina L. Bohnet
Executive Director Iowa Deca

“I had heard the under-current from a couple of my co-workers, “Oh no, not another

seminar on positive thinking, I hope it’s not one of those “touchy-feely” things! I hate

those!” Those notions flew out the window after the wonderful morning we spent with Kelly.

Every manager gave the morning presentation a “thumb’s up,” which is quite an

accomplishment. Kelly helped us be more comfortable in our management roles and

better understand how we work together. There were no uncomfortable periods that often

permeate forced participation, in fact we had lots of fun and the time flew by. Kelly made

everybody feel good about themselves, our team, and our organization.“

Chris Nolte, Director Home | Madison County Health Care system

Public Relations and Development, Madison County Health Care System, Winterset, IA

"Your presentation was fun, thought-provoking and uplifting. I needed a 'battery charge and

a boost' after my events of the last 2 years! You showed me that it is OK to laugh and to put everything in a proper perspective."

Net2Work Participant


"I am still getting rave reviews on the banquet. I had someone just stop in to tell me how

impressed they were. You will be glad to know that multiple people placed their red noses on

during the sermon on Sunday."

Marci Brown, Executive Assistant Cherokee Area Economic Development Corporation

Cherokee County Annual Recognition Banquet


. . . provides global presentations reviving

the creative spirit and giving permission to laugh out-loud! Kelly's dream is to experience a vibrant world smiling and belly laughing together.

Kelly empowers people to become active team players to “play big” in an environment that promotes trust and self discovery. Kelly’s unique ability to  engage her audiences through hilarious visuals and anecdotes transforms us in an environment where we are scarcely aware we are learning. 

Recognized as a leader in employing humor in everyday living, she and her red noses have become somewhat of an icon, even as far away as Kofu, Japan.

As an Artist, Boon’s work has been endorsed by one of America’s most prominent colorists and world-renowned artists, Edna Hibel.  Boon’s work has been exhibited nationally and marketed internationally.

As Artistic Director, Boon has a long history of founding and creating large scale events in Iowa including: Co-founding (with historian Jack Luftkin) I’ll Make Me A World In Iowa, infusing and producing a foundation for the arts into the nationally recognized Lt. Governor’s Conference on Diversity and coordinating twenty-eight statewide sites in the creation of the Iowa Diversity Mural.

Kelly Boon founded the statewide non-profit pARTners Unlimited; bringing long-term arts programming into high-risk facilities including the creation of 6-statewide Art Cars that took the top awards at the Iowa State Fair Parade and later were auctioned at the Knoxville Raceway.  Kelly Boon is a visionary and knows how to bring people together to accomplish “larger than life, top-notch events!” 


As an artist, teacher, administrator and public speaker, Kelly has a legacy of helping folks believe in themselves and to live their dreams. Finding the "fun" in dysfunction in our lives benefits and helps us to become richer through learning to laugh at ourselves.

Wherever Kelly goes, a trail of governors, presidential candidates, accountants, attorneys, correctional staff and inmates, administrators, doctors, professors, race-car drivers, ministers and other respectable people have been seen wearing bright, red clown nOses!

k e l l y   b o o n




gets it!

WHY?    “The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”

                                                                                                                                                                 Mark Twain

laughter & creativity are the direct pathway to the soul


IT IS TIME to RISE & SHINE . . . smell the coffee!

We are in a Spiritual Awakening.  Come Out & Play! 

This message is for you if you feel lost, unworthy, alone or stagnant.

Learn how to lead a FULFILLING LIFE surrounded by loving people!

Own the POWER to transform your life!

“Failing With Flair”. . . An important ingredient for success!

Failing With Flair, creates a safe environment for folks to take risks.  Without failure, there would be no creativity.  If everything is working.. why change?  It is through failure, that we develop the best ideas!  We will learn how to claim our failures (laughing at ourselves along the way) and soar with success as we discover our how unique each of us are!

         “Olly Olly Oxen Free” . . . everyone IS free!  

         One potato, two potato ... peas porridge hot!  ...one two, buckle my shoe ...rock, scissors,

         paper . . . decisions used to be made so easily, without much disagreement.  Playgrounds

         were watering holes for everyone to jump in!  Do you remember running barefoot with only

         one rule dictating your summer;  "Be home when the street lights come on!"  Learn the

         importance of play - child-like innocense!  Can you come out and play?  Re-ignite the        

         child in you and learn how to care for yourself. 

“Laughing Outside the Box”

Risking your excellence — exploring self-imposed limitations.  This workshop helps open the door to opportunity!  When we invite humor and creativity into our lives, we engage in an environment where we are scarcely aware we are learning, giving us the momentum to pioneer new ways of thinking as we discover and nurture our gifts!  


Remove the word struggle from your attitude & your vocabulary.

Learn how to Live PURPOSEFULLY! Claim your beauty, your talents,

your passion, while helping others do the same!


“Be the Fun in DysFUNction”

Learn to thrive — through creativity, humor and other stuff!  How to overcome obstacles and "choose" to feed the "happy" in your life!  Learning to laugh at yourself can be the first step to living freely and thrive.  We will create an environment that invites great people to join us on the journey!


Look who is around you & celebrate!  The time of the Lone Wolf is over. 

Join us as we UNITE to Co-Create a New World

It is time to bring BALANCE back to the WORLD!

“Painting the noses Red” . . . Spreading the good stuff

How to ignite and breed fabulous people!  The power of positive persuasion!  Do you need a "face lift"? This session will motivate leadership amongst the least likely and stimulate an amazing sense of team.

“it IS time”

We are preparing the way.  Learn how to CONNECT & UNITE as we Co-Create a New World.  We are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting for... We are gathering the LIGHTMAKERS.  All we do now is done in a sacred way.  IT IS TIME. 

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does Australia!http://www.rednoseday.com.au/




LIVE the LIFE you were BORN to LIVE

fulfill the yearning inside of you

You give, because LOVE has been poured into your heart, not to satisfy the law



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